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Originally I was tasked with a startup to build an app that complements their Internet of Things device to track people with cognitive impairments for their loved ones.  However through my research I found that a better direction can be had.  I built Kinsight, a product that can have the potential to truly improve relationships between people and their elderly family members.
Please contact me at gopi@gtrdesign.ca to view this project.
Lexus Infotainment UX
Ezy Ingress
BMW Emergency Rewards Program
Haüskey UX/UI Design
For the first 3D printed car, the power of the technology opens up many possibilities. The form can bring forth a new level of 3 - Dimensionality with the apparently many colluding and layered surfacing. Inspired by the architect Zara Hadid, .Daemon makes these possibilities a reality. For the process, I wanted to merge the interior/ exterior into one element, to break the division as much as possible. So I started with an 'interior out' approach. The major elements of the interior IP and Seat flow out, their lines becoming styling and structural cues for .daemon. The printing process is additive, so special care was needed to allow for this. Body panels can be printed post-production that attach if needed. Many components such as brake lines are replaced with enclosed tunnels within the body, simplifying production while increasing reliability.
Aston Martin DBX
Design for the replacement of Aston Martin DB9. As modern car design and engineering moves towards creating more complex and exaggerated shapes, the aesthetic moves away from reflecting the base material that will craft the shape. DBX looks to bring the look of craftsmanship back while being avant garde.
Kiska Zima
Snowmobile Concept for the Carr Magazine Sketch Contest.
LM Cruiser R7
Design for a retro style moped. R7 incorporates loosely the rider position and silhouette of board track racers and Art Deco styles including the BMW R7.
Blank Point
The Blank Point aims to strike the apex every time. The autocross shedder takes influence from naked sports bikes, to Le Mans into an affordable track machine. The Blank Point features an intraskeleton, a structure of a frame and body panels intertwined into a form that is function. The hood has a cut out that allows it to be raised or removed for more flexibility for an engine swap. The key point of the frame's design is to let the passenger hang on as the Blank Point thrashes around the track. If cargo carrying is needed, the seats can be folded down for trunk access, no longer requiring a trunk door.
Haikir: Active Lifestyle Vehicle
The weekend warrior. The Haikir during the work week is a mid-size vehicle that with its sports bike inspired styling expresses what its owner does on weekends - big adventures in the great outdoors. The Haikir is small enough to be used for the everyday but versatile to throw anything at, or in it.
A catamaran yacht for escorting quickly between islands, inspired by flight.
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